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Rockmount's Services

  • An undercover horse walking machine
  • A 1km trotting track for warm up and light exercise
  • An 1100 metre rubber based training track with safe running rails. A gentle incline allowing horses to maintain fitness whilst putting no undue pressure on their joints
  • A three horse barrier stall for early education
  • Numerous day yards allowing your horse to be boxed at night and gaining both mental and physical benefits of being out during the day
  • A safe and secure environment for all racehorses
  • Individual colts paddocks with good natural shade
  • Larger spelling paddocks for fillies and geldings
Professional providers
  • Specialist Veterinarians
  • Master farrier
  • Dentist
  • Equine chiropractic muscle manipulator
  • Top quality feed and hay supplies
  • Top quality stable bedding
  • An equine Aqua-Ciser allowing us to aid in the fitness and conditioning of racehorses recovering from injury
  • The Aqua-Ciser is also beneficial for giving racehorses a freshen up between races as it maintains a high fitness level and soothes muscle soreness

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